Remotely monitor any computer activity

And check how a PC is used

View real-time activity
Remotely control the computer
Record screenshots and webcam photos
Access keystrokes records
And more...

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FIREWORLD Controller allow you to see in realtime the user's activity. You can also spy on until 10 differents PC simultaneously. These detailled datas (applications, URL, date, hour etc...) are also stored and remotely searchable with a single clic


The built-in Keylogger in our spy software log in an undetectable way everything the user types on the keyboard, which allow you to know precisely what have been typed in a Word document, an e-mail, an Internet website, a password, etc... All of this is also remotely searchable


In addition to be able to spy on, we give you the opportunity to remotely control until 10 differents computers. For example, you will be able to send Popup messages, open URLs remotely, interact with the keyboard ans the mouse, control the screen, etc...


We act as intermediate between you and the remote PCs you control, communications are secured and transit by the FIREWORLD server, which is responsible to connect the computers together. It means that it's impossible to ride up to you, and your IP is protected.


Our spy software for PC allow you to take screenshots remotely and see them from your own computer. All of that is done in a invisible way


Easily monitor a computer remotely using integrated modules of webcam photo taker and remote audio recorder. You will be able to see who is behind the screen, and listen what is said


In a single clic, access remotely to all browser-stored logins and passwords of the remote PCs you control. To remotely spy on Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge and Opera passwords


Spy on a PC remotely has become even easier, thanks to the wide geolocation feature based on IP. You can also have detailed information on it, such as Internet Provider and other

How it works ?



Get for free Fireworld Controller FREE or buy Fireworld Controller PRO and open it. This will copy the files directly to your desktop


Follow the available installation instructions to install the software on the computer or computers that you want to spy on and control

that's all !

Congratulations, you will immediately be able to start spying on a remote PC !

Our Pricing

  • Controller FREE
  • Free
  • Real-time view of the activity of the PC
  • Popup Messages
  • X
  • Limited PC control
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • 1 controlled PC
  • Everything is done remotely
  • Controller PRO
    Unlimited 7 days licence
  • €15.30 €9.50
  • Real-time view of the activity of the PC
  • Popup Messages
  • File Access option
  • Advanced PC control
  • Keylogger
  • Activity log
  • Passwords Recovery tool
  • Webcam, Screenshot & Audio record
  • 1 controlled PC
  • Everything is done remotely
  • Controller PRO Unlimited
    Unlimited lifetime licence
  • €69.50 €24.99
  • Real-time view of the activity of the PC
  • Popup Messages
  • File Access option
  • Advanced PC control
  • Keylogger
  • Activity log
  • Passwords Recovery tool
  • Webcam, Screenshot & Audio record
  • Up to 10 controlled PCs
  • Everything is done remotely

We guarantee the lowest prices, and by far

Software 1 Year License Price 2 Years License Price Lifetime License Price
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Comparatif des prix des logiciels espions pc avec Fireworld Controller €84.00 €168.00 -
Tableau de prix de logiciel espion pc €24.99 €24.99 €24.99

How to easily spy on a PC remotely?

If you are here, it's because you want to remotely access a computer, in order to control or spy on it.
Your reasons may be completely legal, such as wanting monitor your PC's activity when you are absent, check that your children are not doing something wrong on the Internet, or else monitor your employees who have the naughty habit of spending the day on the Internet instead of working: we have the solution to all of this. But first, please read the Responsibility section about the legality of the use of our services.

When a computer with a Web connection needs remote control or detailed oversight, Fireworld Controller is required. This is a free, reliable and efficient software, which is one of the most complete to remotely control and spy* a computer. It offers dozens of features that allow to read in detail, and in secret, all that happens on any PC.

With FIREWORLD Controller, you can control and spy on * any PC in the world (note that you'll need to access it physically at least one time).

Learn more about the product in the • FAQ •, try out • our spy software for FREE •, or get now • its PRO version
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Thanks for using Fireworld products !

Why using a spy software, and what does Fireworld Controller allow me to do ?

Remotely spy on your PC usage

Want to know what is happening on your computer when someone else uses it and you're not there?
Which websites are visited, which programs are used, what is typed on the keyboard?
With our spy software, you can do all this, but also remotely retrieve passwords stored on web browsers, see in real time the PC's activity, and of course control it.
All of this will be done remotely in a very simple way and it's totally invisible for the spied PC.

Download right now for free our software • FIREWORLD Controller FREE

Monitor your children on the computer

There are countless hazards related to the use of computers, especially those related to the Internet. Although this is a great tool rich in content, this tool is also rich in traps. As a parent, you need to take the necessary measures to make sure that your children are not going on innapropriates websites, that they are not likely to do bad encounters on forums, or there do bad things.
Our free software to spy on a PC can help you to do all of this discreetly to get rid of your fears.

Check your teen's PC

It is well known that teenagers are connected h24 whether from their smartphone or PC.
But do you really know what they do?
Many of them are learning in these ways on drugs, alcohol, sometimes worse... Are you sure of what your teenagers are doing late at night without supervision? In order to make a clean breast and check if for example, your teen is not morally being harassed at school, or cyberstalked, use Fireworld Controller; you will be able to spy your teenager's computer discreetly remotely, even if you are away.

Check what your employees are doing

Nowadays, employees seem to think of doing anything else than work. You have doubts about what they do, and you want to check if they are not on Facebook or others instead of working? To make a clean breast, use the monitoring program to remotely spy on a computer.


* Using the product in spy purposes is illegal, and you incure penalties under legislation. It is the responsibility of FIREWORLD Controller's user to verify that its use follows all applicable laws in his country and the one where the software is used. In particular, it is forbidden to use the software in devious purposes, as well as unbeknownst to the person running Controller Client on his device. If you are in doubt, consult your lawyer before using our products. Read the Responsibility section for more details.